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My Gun Collection Version 6 to be released in Sept of 2017
By: bsadmin (BurnSoft Webmaster)
On: 8/14/2017 4:40:00 PM
Almost 10 years after the first version was released, we will be releasing version 6 of the My Gun Collection application in September of 2017.

View the video below to see what is new.

New Release - My NRA Rifle Match Score Sheet
By: bsadmin (BurnSoft Webmaster)
On: 5/31/2017 12:47:37 AM
We just released the My NRA Rifle Match Score Sheet iOS app that works for both iPhone and iPad.
Click here to be taken to the app store to view more details.

See the about Video Listed Below:

New Release - My Essential Oil Remedies for Apple iPhone & iPad
By: bsadmin (BurnSoft Webmaster)
On: 5/20/2017 9:09:07 AM
We just released the My Essential Oil Remedies iOS app that works for both iPhone and iPad.
Click here to be taken to the app store to view more details or check out the videos for the application on our YouTube Media Outlet

About Video:

Minor Release for the My Loaders Log Application
By: bsadmin (BurnSoft Webmaster)
On: 12/21/2016 3:53:32 PM
A minor release for the My Loaders Log application is not ready to be downloaded. version was upgraded to use .Net framework 4.0 for windows 7 and 10, as well as a few other things have been changed to work properly on windows 10.

This is still the release for rifle and pistol reloading, the shotgun section which we are still working on has been suppressed, which is why there is a big jump in version numbers from 1.2 to 2.2

GitHub Projects Added
By: bsadmin (BurnSoft Webmaster)
On: 12/20/2016 2:09:35 PM
We Have Opened up A GitHub Repository and copied some source from this site to the GitHUB, plus some scripts that are not in the OpenSource Section

The GitHub Repository is located at

Some of the Code in the Open Source Section will still remain since we also have previous version of our software located there, but any new Scripts and the OpenSource Server Monitor will mostly be updated at the GitHub Location

New Media Channel on YouTube
By: bsTech (BurnSoft TechSupport)
On: 4/29/2016 8:34:18 AM
We are starting to post How-To and About Video's on YouTube. The You Tube Channel is Call BurnSoft Media, Click here to view

We are starting with about and how to videos for the my Gun collection and will work on getting the rest of the products on the channel.

Shopping Cart Issue resolved
By: bsTech (BurnSoft TechSupport)
On: 9/24/2014 4:14:47 PM
It was brought to our attention that there was an issue while attempt to purchase any of our products. We found out that the error occurred after we updated the site, the older code still had pointers to an old account of ours that didn’t exist anymore in PayPal. We fixed the error and purchasing through PayPal has been resolved. Sorry to anyone for the inconvenience.

Minor My Gun Collection Release 5.5.80
By: bsadmin (BurnSoft Webmaster)
On: 1/22/2014 1:09:28 PM
Today we released a minor update to the My Gun Collection application, version 5.5.80. This was mostly to resolve issues with the windows 7 and 8 UAC protecting the database when installed with the application. Windows would copy that database into a virtual store and information might appear or be deleted next time you tried to access it, to prevent this from happening we installed the database in a seperate section under the user profile.

Status of our Applications on Mobile Devices
By: bsadmin (BurnSoft Webmaster)
On: 4/12/2013 10:33:00 AM
Along with trying to upgrade out current application with new improvements as well as to newer frameworks, we are also in the learning stage of the Objective-C world so that we can create our applications on iOS devices and MAC. After we are able to create applications for apple devices we will start on Android.

Status of the My Gun Collection Application
By: bsTech (BurnSoft TechSupport)
On: 4/12/2013 10:22:13 AM
It’s almost been a year since our last release, and we are getting a lot of good feedback for the next upgrade. Since the last release in May we have added some functionality that didn’t evolve changes to the database. Before we continue on with adding new features such as additional information for Collectors and a place to put documents relating to that firearm, we are going to need to upgrade the application to work with the latest Microsoft .Net Framework version 4.0. Granted the 2.0 works great, but as Microsoft continues to make improvement in their Operating Systems and .Net Framework, we will need to update the application to make sure it works with future Microsoft Operating systems.

ETA for the next release is unknown until we can convert all the application and libraries that make up the My Gun Collection application. But we are still going to work on this application as well as trying to make it available for other Operating systems.

New Beta Section
By: bsTech (BurnSoft TechSupport)
On: 11/28/2012 4:10:43 PM
We use to use to forum as the place to put beta programs and get suggestions. Since the forum is currently down, we created a section within the burnsoft site to allow currently registered users to participate in the beta program. Once the User Signs in the the Customer Login section, and they are part of the beta program, the will see two options under the Customer Information menu called Beta Downloads and Beta Messaging Center.

Just send us an email saying that you wish to be part of the program and we will enable it in your account.

Forum Currently Closed
By: bsadmin (BurnSoft Webmaster)
On: 11/28/2012 4:09:32 PM
The Support Forum is currently Closed to new registrations until we can fix the spamming issue

Rise in Shipping Costs
By: bsadmin (BurnSoft Webmaster)
On: 8/28/2012 3:57:25 PM
We tried to hold off as much as we can but we had to add to our current price for creating a CD and shipping it out. Before it use to be $5 extra to order the CD, plus get the key via email, now it will cost $7. There is no profit for ordering the CD, the $7 is all based on the price of shipping, CD, labels, case covers and CD cases.

My Gun Collection Version 5.1.7 has been released
By: bsadmin (BurnSoft Webmaster)
On: 5/2/2012 11:42:44 AM
Dear My Gun Collection Users, Version 5.1.7 has been released, this update has 5 fixes and 5 updates since the release of version 5.0 in December.
ATTENTION: IF you are not running 5.0 right now you will need to run the update install package to properly upgrade to version 5.x, You can download and run this package at

For those of you are who are already at version 5.0 or greater, all you have to do run the Application Updater.
Version 5.1.7 (Released on 3/21/2012)

1. CHANGE: Buyer Details Changed to Sale/Disposition for marking firearms as stolen
2. FIXED: DOB is not coming up in Bound Book reports
3. FIXED: Misc. errors when you import a firearm via XML.
4. FIXED: Registration window will not appear after the 30 days have expired. The entire program would just quit. The data will still exist, but the application would just quit without even allow you to plug in your registration key once the 30days were up.
5. ADDED: Make a Mark as Stolen Option, Use techniques for sole except add Stolen for all the required fields and, Date Stolen as date sold and Name as Case Number.
6. ADDED: The ability to enable and disable the Unique Custom Catalog ID requirements. If you used one ID to represent a group, and you upgraded to version 5.0, you would be blocked from used the same ID again. Now you have the option to turn on or off the ability to use an existing ID over again.
7. ADDED: A search results count to the “Search for Gun” section. This will count up the search results. This is also handy if you wanted a quick count of how many firearms that you have that use a 9mm caliber, stored in a certain spot, etc.
8. FIXED: Glitch with Quick Inventory Report w/ Notes. It would only do an inventory on firearms that had pictures assigned to them.
9. FIXED: DataLoader was improved to display more of a status when applying updates. Plus we fixed the error of the screen whiting out if you brought up another window. Downloading and Applying the updates to the Models list still take a long time since there are a little more then 19,000 records. But you can see were it’s now.
10. ADDED: A quick and Simple Invoice to print out for firearms that have been sold.

The following were retired and moved to Archive Section
By: bsadmin (BurnSoft Webmaster)
On: 6/10/2011 1:09:28 PM

The following were retired and moved to Archive Section

  • Grab-It
  • Personal Alarm Clock
  • Port Monitor
  • 3D Maze
  • Darts
  • Chess
  • Simple MP3 Player
  • BurnSoft PocketPC Black Theme
  • BurnSoft PocketPC Desert Theme
  • Sabbat PocketPC Theme
  • Celtic Knot PocketPC Theme
  • Stone Henge PocketPC Theme
  • BurnSoft Media Pack
  • Reversi
  • Tic Tac Toe for Windows
  • Tetris
  • 3D Maze
  • Connection Sniffer
  • NetWatch
  • Graphic Pinger and Telnet Client
  • View Anywhere Client an Server
  • ThumbNail Viewer
  • Active eMail Checker
  • Active eMail Checker ver 3
  • Cell Pal
  • Uptime Alerter Command-Line
  • Port Scanner
  • Print Queue Manager
  • Port Monitor ActiveX Component


These products were active for a long time, but we have decided not to update these products past what they currently are.  If we do something along the line one of the previous products it will be in a new form.

These applications will remain in the archive until we feel like they are no longer useful to anyone, then we will no longer offer them to the public.

Beta Updates Open to the Public for My Gun Collection
By: bsadmin (BurnSoft Webmaster)
On: 3/11/2011 10:42:48 PM
Beta Updates have been open to the Public for My Gun Collection. Now you can see what is in the current build for the next version and anything that was have on the list for the next version or any future versions. To view the beta section, go to:

Open Source Section Now Open
By: bsadmin (BurnSoft Webmaster)
On: 9/4/2009 11:49:27 AM
We recently opened up an Open Source Section which combines the archive section, scripts, and any open source application that we are working on to the public. We will still manage to have some application that is not available as Open Source, but we will have others that are. To view the new Open Source Section, go to We are still working on the structure and some applications that we will post as OpenSource. Some of this information was once posted at different sections of the site and some where in areas unknown to the public, which has all been consolidated to this one Open Source section.

Change in Services
By: bsadmin (BurnSoft Webmaster)
On: 8/29/2008 2:19:22 PM
We decided to get back to our roots and stick to designing only software and drop the rest of the services that we once offered. The Website will now display things only related to software that we have designed.

Apartment Manager is being discontinued as of Feb 29th, 2008.
By: bsTech (BurnSoft TechSupport)
On: 1/15/2008 8:45:22 AM
The BurnSoft Apartment Manager Application is being discontinued as of Feb 29th, 2008. This will not only include future upgrades, but support for the application as well. Support for the application will continue for this product until Feb 29th, 2008.

Cracked versions of our Applications
By: bsLegal (BurnSoft Legal Dept.)
On: 3/15/2005 | 8:24:39 AM
It has been brought to our attention that there are cracked version of our applications around the web. Even Though we do find it a bit of an honor that someone would try, we do want to warn others that the application that is said to be "cracked" may be a false version of the actual application, which might cause damage to your machine.

Version 5.2.363