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My Loaders Log

The My Loaders Log (MLL) application was created to help get rid of all the paper work of different logs in a binder and having to look through a collection of reloading manuals to just to find how much powder was used of a certain kind of powder for a certain kind of bullet. With reloading, once you find your groove, the entire process doesn’t take that long as compared to when you first started, why shouldn’t it be the same for looking up information?

The My Loaders Log (MLL) was created to help keep track of my configurations and the configurations from the reloading manuals that I use, along with the inventory my reloading equipment, primers, bullets, powder and cases that I had in stock or was out of. Since it will store all this information plus the configuration that you used to make a certain kind of ammunition, it will also tell you how many you can make and how much it costs to make based on your inventory. Even if you just wanted this to store your loaders log and not your inventory, it can do that as well.

Check out the Data Sheet and Online Presention for more information or try it out for 30 days to see if you like it.

NOTE: Version 1 was released for Metallic reloading (Rifle & Pistols) only, the next version will include shotgun reloading.

NOTE: Updates to this application are Free!! So it's just a 1 time payment for this program.

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Quick Facts:

Release Date: 12/21/2016
File Size: 9MB (9,018KB)
License: Full Access for 30 Days
System Requirements: Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework, Windows XP,Vista, & Windows 7,8 & 10, 32 & 64bit (32 on 64 mode)
Installer Included: Yes
Main File: BSMyLoadersLog_Setup.msi
Zip Style: Self Extracting, Self-Installing
Support Line: ,Phone,eMail,Chat,FAQ,Wiki
Price: 19.9900
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Upgrade Price: Free
Shipping: 0.0000
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Electronic Version
Version 5.2.368